Air Traffic Management


Transforming the airspace by delivering advanced automated solutions to handle increasing air traffic

About Air Traffic

Air traffic poses a pressing challenge due to increasing congestion in the skies, leading to delays, inefficiencies, and safety concerns. As the demand for air travel continues to rise, airports and airspace struggle to handle the growing volume of flights. This congestion not only affects the punctuality of flights but also puts a strain on aviation infrastructure. The complexity of managing diverse aircraft movements in crowded airspace requires innovative solutions to optimize air traffic flow, enhance safety, and minimize environmental impact. Addressing these issues is crucial for sustaining the growth of the aviation industry and ensuring a seamless and secure experience for passengers and stakeholders.

Our Solutions

At Vishvasys Technologies, we specialize in providing solutions to address these challenges: Air Traffic Flow Optimization The Predictive ATFM Decision-making with High Intelligence (PADHI) tool will aid in optimizing the flow of air-traffic over an entire airspace. Air Traffic Controller Training The Utkarsh Training Tool for Air-traffic Management (UTTAM) tool will ensure that the air traffic controllers are equipped with the latest tools and communication techniques.

Our Mission

At Vishvasys Technologies, our mission is to translate advanced air traffic flow management algorithms into commercially viable solutions. By combining cutting-edge technology with practical applications, we aim to revolutionize the air traffic management landscape. Our commitment extends to creating solutions that not only optimize airspace utilization and enhance safety but also provide tangible benefits for aviation stakeholders, contributing to a more efficient and sustainable future in global air transportation

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