About VishvaSys

About VishvaSys

VishvaSys Technologies is dedicated to solving complex real-world problems using deep tech to benefit a significant portion of the population. We focus on solving problems in the broad fields of (i) Air-Traffic Management, (ii) Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC) of satellite and launch vehicles, (iii) GNC and prototype development of UAVs and, (iv) Automating blood glucose control in Diabetic patients. The proposed solutions to the problems in these four diverse will be through the use of several advanced common core technologies such as Optimization, Control theory, AI, Embedded Systems development and Software development.

We are currently incubated at the Foundation for Science Innovation and Development at the Indian Institute of Science. 


Benefit the mass by solving complex real-world problems


To be the global leader in providing advanced automated solution


We believe in innovation, quality, teamwork, trust and respect

Boosted by the Leading

VishvaSys Technologies is a deep tech-driven startup committed to addressing complex real-world problems by providing advanced automated solutions.